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Administration, Charlie Horse Ltd
51089 Milano, Macomb MI 48042
President/Treasurer – Ralph “Hammer” Janus
Acting Secretary – David “Englishman” Gregory
Accountant – Priscilla “Nitro” Janus

Editorial Director/Publisher - Ralph “Hammer” Janus
Editor - David “Englishman” Gregory
Assistant Editor - Natalia Polewska

Associate Editors
Nancy "Nurse Nut" Gregory
Fabricator Kevin

Roamin’ Posse
Ted “Arsen Investigator” Arsen –SpACEy-
Tom Johnson - Chopper Dave - Brewdude - Lisa Ballard

Tech Consultant/Advertising
Steve Broyles

The Horse Smoke Out Organizer
Office Manager -- Carla Verkest


Art and Design Director – David “Englishman” Gregory
Circulation - Curtis Circulation Company, LLC
Printing - Brown Printing

Official Horse Artists – Jon Towle - RichiePan
Horse Artist/Writer – George “The Painter” Frizzell Jr.

Webmistress - Natalia Polewska

Application Developer/ Social Media & Fashion Coordinator -
Chanel "Mz Debo"

Advertising Director
Kari 313-737-8888

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