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The Long Road is moving in an important new direction this year.  Volunteers have completely taken over the control, planning and execution of the run.  This is the same direction the Stampede took years ago when Charlie stepped up and took over the Stampede and the Stampede is very much alive and prospering.

I have handed over the reins to a two-time LR veteran, Uncle Ben, and his committee (all members of the Legion of the LR).  These brave souls are doing this completely independently and as volunteers to keep this run alive.  I passed on my vision of what I think the Long Road should be and as much advice as I could (from the mistakes I made running it, lol).  The rest of the details will have to be gleaned from Uncle Ben and I am attaching information below that he provided on the 2012 Long Road.

The Legion of the Long Road will continue but it is a little harder to get into now.  Not everyone that completes the LR will receive the serial numbered medallion that indicates inclusion in the Legion of the Long Road.  Uncle Ben (and the committee) and Charlie with the Stampede will recommend individuals to receive that coveted award.  The medallion will never be given to someone that has not completed the Long Road or Stampeded.  However, in addition to the ride we are looking for men and women that support and promote our crazy sub culture. 

Enjoy the wild ride.

THE LONG ROAD 4 – 1000 MILES OF RIDIN’ &PARTYIN’!!! All You Need To Know

The Long Road is a fantastic two-wheeled journey.  Riders are comprised of people from all aspects of motorcycling from chopper jockeys to those on stock bikes. One word that keeps coming up every year is the “camaraderie” that occurs over the course of the ride.  Past participants talk of how they can’t wait for next years’ LR.  We couldn’t let it die!  Anyways, here’s the details for The Long Road 4 – 2012. Hope you enjoy!



Event location:
Boondocks Saloon 6155 Hwy 70W, Bruceton Tennessee (11miles east of Huntingdon on US 70)
Event: The Long Road kick-off party! Sign in from 7PM to 9PM to register for your spot on The Long Road. A poker run is being put on by a local group starting at @11AM. Long Road riders are welcome to join in. The band Platinum Rose will be performing this evening. Again, camping and band admission will be available for $12. Motels are also available locally.
Motels – Huntingdon Motel 22650 Main St. Huntingdon TN $30   (731-986-8912)
                -Heritage Inn 11790 Lexington St. Huntingdon TN $75   (731-986-2281)
                -Country Hearth Inn 321 U.S. 641 Camden TN                  (731-584-6666)
*** Camping and entertainment will also be available Friday June 15th in Huntingdon (Bruceton) for those that can make it in early.



@275 miles from Huntingdon TN
Event Location: The historic Old Talbott Inn, 107 West Stephen Foster Ave, Bardstown KY
Event: Hangin’ out with The Long Road riders – sign in from 7PM to 9PM
*The actual event is Monday morning and afternoon with a tour of The Bourbon Trail – see Monday June 18TH. Bourbon Trail pamphlets will be available for riders at the sign in table at Talbotts Inn.

Hotels: Old Talbott Inn  $65 to $109 (5 rooms) 502-348-3494
 Old Kentucky Home Motel  $39  414 W. Steven Foster ave.  502-348-5979
 Jailer’s Inn  approx. $75-$100 next door to Talbotts 502-348-5551 or 1-800-948-5551
Camping: White Acres Campground, 3022 Boston Rd, Bardstown(3 miles away) 502-348-9677
They will also cater breakfast if there is enough interest. Mention Long Road Riders if
reserving. They have a special area set up for us.



@200 miles from Bardstown KY (shorter distance allows for Bourbon Trail tour)
Event Location: Fox Fire KOA campground – sign in from 7PM to 9PM
Event: Actual event is The Bourbon Trail in Bardstown Kentucky, then the ride to the campground in Huntington WV. The Bourbon Trail is a self- guided tour of Kentucky’s historic bourbon distilleries.  Riders can choose from 1-6 different locations to go for a tour of the distillers’ operations. All but 1 of these tours are free and Heaven Hill Distilleries will also take bookings for a behind the scenes tour. More info can be seen at .
Hotels: Days Inn Huntington 5196 US60, Huntington WV $48 (pre booked) and up 304-733-4477
             Red Roof Inn 5190 US60 Huntington WV $65 and up 304- 733-3737 or1- 866- 541-3055
              Quality Inn 3325 US Route 60, Huntington, WV $69 and up 1-800-741-5072
Camping: Fox Fire KOA campground, 290 Fox Fire Road, Milton, WV, 800- 562-0898
        A few cabins are available. Mention you’re with the Long Road Riders.
                 Camping will be @$12.50/night based on 4 to a site.Sites will be filled as riders arrive.



@200 miles on shortest route from Huntington WV. Scenic roads abound in WV, extend your ride!
Event: Hangin’ out at the fire and prepping for the @300 mile scenic ride to the pig roast Wednesday! Sign in at the on-site restaurant at Revelle’s River Resort from 7PM-9PM.
Event Location: Revelle’s River Resort, Bowden WV (see @10 miles east of 
                             Huntington WV on US33. Restaurant and bar are available from 8AM-1AM on
   site.  Camping is $26/site/night. Sites will comfortably hold 2 tents and 4 
    people plus bikes. A few cabins are available, for various prices and amenities
    from $62/night & up.  Mention Long Road Riders if making reservations
Hotels: Econo Lodge US33 E, Elkins WV (304) 636-5311 This hotel is biker friendly and has an
               area for groups to socialize and a pool! Rates are $43-99           
             Elkins Motor Lodge 830 Harrison Ave, Elkins, WV 866-299-2910‎ phone for rates
             Days Inn 1200 Harrison Ave, Elkins, WV 866-299-2910‎ phone for rates



@300 miles from Elkins WV (over ½ could be ridden on US219)
Event Location: North East TN (location and directions disclosed to registered riders at Huntingdon, TN sign in)
Event: Pig Roast and party! Meet and greet the Pro Builder Chop Off Contestants.
Camping:  available on site to us at $10/night
Hotel: Mountain Empire Motel, 1537 South Shady St, Mountain City, TN 423-727-7777 @$54
            Mention The Long Road Group. Back area of motel has group gathering area for  
             consumption of alcoholic beverages! This motel is within 11 miles of the pig roast and is  
             the closest. Many rooms are available.
            Sleep Inn, Boone, NC US 421 NC 105 Extension Boone, NC 1-800-741-5072 $54.99 & up
            Best Western, Blue Ridge Plaza, 840 E King St Boone, NC 1-800-741-5072 $59.99 &up
Boone, North Carolina is about the next closest town with motels. It is @36 miles from camp.




Event: What Else?!? The Smoke Out! Sign in will be at the campground front gate Thurs. night from 7-9PM.
A scenic 220 mile ride to The Rock. Arriving Thursday night will allow us to pick out prime camping spots or check in at one of the many local motels.



There is no charge to do the Long Road this year.  We are going to try to run it as inexpensively as we can due to the transition year and the short window of time we had to take over planning. We have a voluntary collection to cover the planning expenses incurred at the end of the ride in the LR Lounge.  Hopefully riders will donate generously and any extra funds will be used in planning next years’ Long Road in which planning will have the benefit of starting earlier.  We felt it better to try and save it this year than try to resurrect it next year!

To register for the 2012 Long Road e-mail the following information to Uncle Ben.  Name, e-mail, physical address and phone number for each person doing the Long Road.  You will receive e-mails with optional route and most of the details. At the beginning of the run you will receive a map with all details (including pig roast location) and a stamp card to be presented at each stop. The completed stamp card will make the holder eligible for one of a few nice prizes to be won.  Exceptions to individual missed stops may be made as long as an attempt has been made to get there and the check in (contact) phone # has been called. (ie. Breakdowns)

The sign in at each point allows us to track who completed the LR and is a safety thing.  As there is no chase vehicle or defined route, we just want to ensure all the riders make it and aren’t at the side of the road or in a ditch somewhere.  It’s all about looking out for each other!  If you don’t want us to call if you miss a stop that’s cool also, just let me know.



To provide some funds to run this this we are selling special limited run quality T-shirts. These will be available at the end of the ride, in the lounge, to Long Road riders only. Again, they will be in limited quantities on a first come, first served basis.



The Long Road is a gypsy ride, meaning that you choose your own route to the predetermined destinations. There is a route a few of us have decided to take which will be provided on the instruction sheet at Huntingdon TN, but it is optional and has not been scouted out. The majority of roads are secondary highways from an atlas that “should be” in good shape, but their condition cannot be guaranteed. You will be riding at your own risk.

 Accommodations are up to the individual rider’s choice and are their responsibility. Prices quoted for motels were as of Feb 1st and may vary depending on time of registering

Hope to see you there!

Uncle Ben and the Committee 

Contact Uncle Ben (Brian Sauer):


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